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C A S E  S T U D Y

Increasing the brand and product awareness of Philips Avent and their Philips Avent Breast Pumps through theAsianparent’s content expertise and dynamic brand solutions.

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Social Media

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In-App Push Notifications

T H E  S T O R Y

Equipping new parents with the right tools

Philips Avent is a child care brand that manufactures baby bottles, breast pumps, and other baby feeding and health accessories. 

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T H E  G O A L 

Traction for the right cause 

The goal of this project is to educate audiences about the importance of breastfeeding and how breastfeeding can be more convenient with Philips Avent’s breast pumps. 

O U R  S O L U T I O N

Brand promotion strategies

In order to educate audiences about the convenience of breastfeeding with Philips Avent’s breast pumps, theAsianparent has crafted an article that talks about breastfeeding, how it can be difficult at first, and how it can be made easy with Philips Avent’s breast pumping products. 

To boost the reach of the said article, the following tactics were executed: 1) In-app push notifications, 2) Electronic Direct Mails (EDMs), 3) Newsletter Inserts, 4) Giveaway contest, 5) Exclusive in-app discounts.

To boost the reach of the articles and increase awareness on the brand and the products, a contest was held wherein a set of Philips Avent’s breast pumps were given away to a lucky Malaysian mom. The announcement of the contest was done through 1) a newsletter insert that was able to reach 211,364 audiences with an open rate of 2.86% and a CTR of 0.21%, and 2) a Facebook post that reached 1,400 audiences. 

The article published by theAsianparent team was also promoted through a Facebook post that achieved a total of 382,136 impressions with an engagement rate of 8.79% and a CTR of 4.10%. 

The article itself has garnered a total of 24,948 page views and that was viewed by the audiences for an average of 2m 18s per user.  

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T H E  R E S U L T S

Approaching success

The campaign achieved and exceeded all KPI targets. The article exceeded its page view target by almost 25%. The client requested to replace In-App Reward with another deliverable. Malaysia team suggested the implementation of a Social Media Contest (FB & IG).


The social media contest proved to be very popular with prospective customers with over 18,000 engagements on Facebook and over 600 on Instagram.

Philips Avent Malaysia

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