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C A S E  S T U D Y

ALive wants to achieve 34,000 app installations within 2 months.

T H E  S T O R Y

Powered by AIA, promoting a healthy lifestyle especially amongst mothers

Key features of the app include a tele-consultation by live doctors from Samitivej Hospital. A community driven initiative, the app continuously garners a following from its live events, forum and updated content. Users are able to keep an account of all latest activities via the Mydiary feature, which is a digital logbook for individuals to stay relevant.

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T H E  G O A L

The ALive app focuses on users who are seeking personal health advice or women experiencing pregnancy problems. Seeing how there was a gap in education and wellness among the general population, the ALive app aims to bridge the two to improve overall quality of life. With a timeframe of 2 months, a target of 34,000 app downloads was expected from marketing initiatives.

O U R  S O L U T I O N

The Asianparent has since driven leads from its own community and media partners, of which, were brands relevant to target markets. Some leads were also driven from the VIP parents community which were carefully selected based on the relevance to the project. Among the key factors that were looked into, were the type of reach and engagement of each VIP parents garnered, in order to ensure a proactive execution.


To kickstart the campaign, awareness through theAsianparent’s media assets were first utilised. A contest to create engagement was carried throughout theAsianparent community via VIP parents for engagement. Date of participation for the contest began on 21 April 2021 to May 2021 (2 weeks). There were a total of 221 active participants. Following up, advertisements such as in-app push notifications, EDMs, and display advertisements achieved over a million impressions as a whole. 


Media partners for advertising were researched beforehand by understanding the online behaviour of the target audience. TheAsianparent research team  concluded from their research that Shopee, Facebook and Grab had met the criteria, given how it involved  targets that were both active in online spending and social media.


Upon deciding on Shopee, Grab and Facebook as media partners, the campaign was followed up by theAsianparent’s creative specialists to craft advertisements customised for the different platforms. Advertisements were timed according to peak hours of viewership,  done by careful  supervision on a weekly basis for changes if necessary. 

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T H E  R E S U L T S

Overachieved targets

Results reached a 100% achievement, which in turn, led to the client continuing its service with The Asianparent. With the success of the campaign, a proven method of executing campaigns for new app installations could yet be refined to achieve better results. Results and findings collected suggest that the current initiative could be a foundation or building block for other successful campaigns.   

ALive App 

" Very quick response, over-achieved KPIs. Great copy and artworks. "
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