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C A S E  S T U D Y

Priorities in consumer behaviour have shifted dramatically towards financial planning and health as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a market demanding better risk management services, Siam Commercial Bank aims to respond to the needs of the public with its latest product - the SCB Protect.  

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T H E  S T O R Y

One of Thailand's largest commercial banks

Headquartered in the Chatuchak District of Bangkok, Siam Commercial Bank was royally chartered on January 30th, 1907 as the first ever Thai bank. Currently, SCB is an esteemed universal bank, offering lending, deposits and a variety of products to meet customer needs.

Hammock Relaxing

T H E  G O A L

The mission is to generate leads in order to advertise their new SCB products.

This package offers value protection and insurance options that cover financial planning for
1) Life Insurance
2) Health Insurance
3) Asset Protection
4) Savings protection 

O U R  S O L U T I O N

Promoting SCB's new package

Marketing initiatives to obtain qualified leads were carried out through paid media and theAsianparent’s own channels (App, community, etc). Paid media (Facebook ads) was skewed towards mediums involving social media awareness, followed by the education of the SCB Protect coverage. 


theAsianparent has also leveraged on its media assets, which includes its own community platform of parents on the official Facebook Page (currently at 247,348 followers), to encourage the necessity of SCB Protect. Pop-up advertisements of the product were used to reach a widespread audience.


Adding to the campaign, display advertisements (pop-ups) were placed in theAsianparent app which is at 2 million downloads at present. Lastly, push notifications were used to enhance the reach of both in-app users and Facebook followers, all of which were grown organically. 


All advertisements were tailored to campaign needs, spearheaded by theAsianparent’s creative team. Each artwork was carefully vetted through before publishing, and timed according to schedule to maximise viewership during peak hours.

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Hotel Maids

T H E  R E S U L T S

In order for SCB Protect to get qualified leads for their family insurance packages, we decided to promote these products through digital media. First through paid social media (Facebook), as well as on theAsianparents' owned channel. The target was set at 200,000 leads. At this moment in time, we have achieved 12% of the lead target.

​Through Facebook paid Ads we achieved: 

  • A total of 1,213,399 impressions

  • 1,751 interactions with the advertisement

  • Acquired 1,748 leads 

  • Engagements with the post was 1,751

  • We observed a conversion rate of 0.14%

Results obtained from our own channel:

  • A reach of 407,089

  • Engagements with the post were 3,207

  • A total number of 646 leads

  • Conversation rate of 0.15%


"New monthly artwork delivery."


"Try to solve the problem with quick response and keep up to date."
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